Guy - Eeeeeh...

I'm alive?

oh man, does anyone even remember me ;w;?

Aaaah, so I pretty much disappeared for a month due issues and IRL crap that I will address eventually, but just wanted to say...

;__; Hi guys, hi.
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Tezuka appreciation entry.

FIRST OF ALL, I would like to apologize for not commenting on entries this week. I've been in lala land lately, drowned in online crap. SO, I'VE NEGLECTED LIVEJOURNAL. But I am back now and you can't get rid of me so.... too bad!

MOVING ALONG. IT'S WEDNESDAY. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Actually, I can't even WRITE about this episode. I have so many emotions for it... mainly because Tezuka is my favorite character right next to Sanada ... and this episode was just so...augh ;A;. AND THERE WAS SO MUCH TEZURYO LOVE. DON'T DENY IT.

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Tezuka Apron

Life, random junk, impromptu cosplay, etc.

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on my serious post concerning my biological father ♥ Your comments and pictures made me feel a loooooot better. You have no idea. X) I enjoy silly things ♥

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Moving along! So lately I've been sucked into the Katekyo Hitman Reborn fandom. By sucked in, I mean I watched 90 episodes in a week. I could not put it down 8| Why, why is it so good?! So as I was watching it, I realized that I had Hibari hair and being the idiot that I am, quickly ran to take a picture in a jacket from my closet.

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This entry is all over the place \o/ Moving along ...


I don't even know what I was going to write anymore, except that I have to get my ass into gear and stop gaining weight. I weighed myself today and I felt my heart drop into my stomach. Blargh. I have to set up a regiment to exercise again, otherwise I do not know how this weight is going to fall off before August. Otakon, you are looking bleak.

ALSO. I MELTED MY GLASSES. Yes, you read it correctly. I melted my glasses a few days ago. When you run on so little sleep, these things happen you see? I accidentally placed the hot hair iron on them while I was changing. Oops? I get my new pair tomorrow.

lalala...what else, what else. I DON'T KNOW. I'm going to go lay down and play Hakuouki while enjoying some warm milk + honey!


also, I forgot this song existed. X)
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I needed that laugh so bad. I will make a coherent Shinteni post soon. I just can't get over INA BAUUUUUUUER.
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Tezuka - I see


ALL OF MY EMOTIONS. ALL OF THEM. Gblarhsidfgbhk /dies

The most recent episode of Chihayafuru had me all sorts of emotionally screwed. It was beautiful and Arata is delicious. Shiraishi's seiyuu does his voice acting and he has such a delicious tone for this character ... it's so cute ♥

Moving along.

I went on an impromptu date last night with someone to see Arrietty. The movie was terrible (plus the male voice acting was SO bad LOL. Hers was great though) but I still had a great time. Lots of laughs and good talks were had. I hadn't gone out to watch a movie with someone in...8 months? LOL. That is ridiculous.

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I need a pick me up. Like fluffy unicorns and glitter. Or Sanada. Or Tezuka.
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Tezuka - Solemn

So many pictures in this entry D:

So lately I've been kind of mellow-yellow. I would probably feel better if I wrote about what's going on, but I hate talking about depressing shit 8| So I will write a useless picture-filled-video-game-entry to make me feel better for now.

Sunny said to post a picture of my dog so I will start off with that!

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So, because South Florida weather is so fantastic ... I'm sick again. I've been going on morning jogs outside and the temperature outside keeps changing everyday. So it's been like 80, 50, 90, 40F. I'M BLAMING MY COUGH ON YOU WEATHER. I'm not used to running with any sort of chill in the air so it killed my throat 8| /shakes fist

Aside from that I've been bumming around like usual (with occasional breaks to do some actual work online). Mostly this week I've been playing too many video games. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE? I WILL SHOW YOU ANYWAY.

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That was a very long video-game/nonsense related entry. I'd say I play too many games, but no. Writing reviews is what I did for a while (took a much needed break due to...stuff! You know!) so it feels refreshing to just play what I want without thinking "I HAVE TO WRITE THIS BY FRIDAY. FML." I will go back to that eventually, just not right now.

Off to have some coffee. I LOVE YOU ALL ♥ No, really. I do.
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It's Wednesday again \o/ You guys know the drill already.

If you've seen this episode, you know I am going to rage. I'm going to rage hard and you know why. YOU KNOW WHY, DON'T YOU? I will get to that later.

Review with screencaps and gifs and RAAAAAAAAGE and table flipping as per usual.

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How long is this entry? PROBABLY TOO LONG. If you read through it, I award you an imaginary internet star (ノ‥)ノ☆

...and now...for some coffee!
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Yuri GTFO me

I love you all. ALL OF YOU.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Or stuff your face with chocolate day. or...SINGLES AWARENESS DAY \O/

I like the last one personally ♥ BESIDES, TALES OF THE ABYSS 3D COMES OUT TODAY! I have a date with Guy Cecil tonight. Shush. I like my video games.

I drew a small picture for my best friend to commemorate ToA3D and V-Day.

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So how is everyone spending their day today? We already know what I am doing with mine!
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